St.Gerold Community Center, Austria



St.Gerold Community Center is located in Austria, at the heart of a beautiful village St.Gerold. The Region is deemed as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, hence all buildings in the region have high standards for energy efficiency and sustainability. In 2010 the building received the second place for passivehaus design in the world.

DSC_2106 The present location was selected as it is in the center of the village which makes it easier for the community to access it, and for the people to use its facilities. The landscape around the community center is very picturesque and beautiful, making it a pleasure to use the structure. The visual comfort from the building is high.

DSC_0586 It is a four storied building, consisting of a kindergarten, a mayor’s office, small general store, play group, multi-purpose room and a dedicated space for local community gathering. The building is completely constructed with locally sourced high quality Spruce, starting with being sustainable with its materials.


The timber used has not been treated and has been left to age which adds to the beauty of the building. The finishes of the building are neat. The joints and fixtures are clean and simple. The timber is low maintenance, and cleaned only once a year.



To make the building sustainable, the structure uses the heat from the refrigeration systems for space heating. The electricity consumption is minimal and is only 14kWh/m2a. The natural lighting in the building is good due to large window openings. Yellow halogen lights are used for artificial lighting which consume less energy and are very energy efficient.

It was a very exhilarating and stimulating learning experience to visit the building.